About Us

Navigating a Changing World

Newhaven Capital Advisors, LLC is an independent, fee-only financial planning, business consulting and investment management firm in Columbus, Ohio. We help our clients navigate their important financial decisions, and partner with them to build long-term value for their businesses and families.

When the firm was founded in 2011, our country was still emerging from the worst financial crisis in generations. We surveyed the landscape and made some thoughtful choices about how we wanted to operate in the financial services industry. The result was a core set of promises we make to our clients, our community and ourselves.

Focus on the client

Many in the industry are focused on selling financial products. Their compensation comes not from the clients they are advising, but from the fund companies, banks or insurance carriers they represent. With our fee-only approach, we commit to never accepting commissions, referral fees or other product-based compensation, so that we can focus on the best and most objective advice for our clients.

Make it count

We are in the business of helping people reach their financial goals. They place tremendous trust in our competence and expertise, and we have a duty to deliver. We don’t rely on glossy presentations or finely tuned marketing pitches; our advice is experience-based, practical and results-oriented.

Keep it simple

The financial world can be complex at times, and that’s fine, but most of what we do is not rocket science. In our opinion, the more straight-forward a solution is, the better. Whether it’s business or personal, we focus on the fundamentals to offer common-sense understandable advice that’s ready to put into practice.

Build for the long term

Financial success doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time and lots of careful planning along the way. Unfortunately, too many continue to chase the next market windfall, building shaky portfolios that rarely withstand the test of time. We believe long-term success requires a slow, steady approach to investing. Our portfolios are very unexciting, and that’s just the way we like them.

Pay it forward

We are an independent, locally based company that’s firmly rooted in central Ohio. We are passionate about entrepreneurship and financial literacy and, with the vibrant, caring community around us, it’s easy to find ways to give back. The contribution may be small, but the reward is great.


Our Brand

Many think of Newhaven as a place, and there are in fact several cities with that name in the world. The best-known may be Nyhavn, the canal and harbor district in Copenhagen, famous for its historic, colorful buildings. For us, the name Newhaven reflects similar qualities; safety and sanctuary, combined with commerce and prosperity.

The common conception of a lighthouse is that it signals danger by marking hazardous coastline, but they were equally important as navigation aids, for both ships and aircraft, before radar and satellites became the norm. For us, the lighthouse signifies guidance, and is at the core of our purpose, to provide guidance you can depend on.


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